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 Announcing New Terrainer for BoW

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PostSubject: Announcing New Terrainer for BoW   Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:52 am

"There's a new team in town."

As some of us know Sverkerman have been busy lately, and a few others are helping with the project meanwhile. I'm the backup terrainer now for BoW.
There are more people that work on this now. To show you guys you shouldn't be disappointed and just stop playing BoW for the new terrain to come, here are some previews.

Preview of a new boss room.

Preview of a new portal room.

Several new ideas are to come whilst we're holding the project, and we'd ofcourse love to see your ideas come true too! So please keep posting in the Improve Bosses of Warcraft thread!

Kind Regards Fredrik.

Risk.frishers Productions

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Announcing New Terrainer for BoW
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