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 Codewhipe for 0.56?!

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Codewhipe for 0.56?! Empty
PostSubject: Codewhipe for 0.56?!   Codewhipe for 0.56?! EmptyThu May 19, 2011 5:49 am

I might whipe the code for 0.56 because Pureblood and Helekiller abused one of the systems.

This is not determined yet tho but if I hear about more of these cases a code whipe is a defenite.

If you worked hard on your character do NOT flame me, flame the abusers.

Now that this is in the air, don't be stupid and spam them with "HOW DOES THE ABUSE WORK AMAGADDD!!!" because as I said if the interest of abusing the map is higher than the interest of playing it I will certainly just quit this project.

PS: There is another way around and that is banning the abusers from the characters which they had the code on. Still, this is not as efficient.

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Codewhipe for 0.56?!
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