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 I will be testing a new game tonight!

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I will be testing a new game tonight! Empty
PostSubject: I will be testing a new game tonight!   I will be testing a new game tonight! EmptyFri May 20, 2011 8:39 am

Tonight (around 21-22:00 GMT+1 time) i will be testing a new game and record it, just for fun you know. I will later upload it to youtube and share with all you guys. The game is Terraria that i first thought that it would be like my first time on minecraft, except i did not record that time... Oh well. Since i thought it would be like that, i decided to record it.

PS: I do this just for fun. No criticism thank you.

PPS: At the moment i am writing this, the game is downloading.

PPPS: The voice recording will be at the same time when i am playing it.

EDIT(05/20 23:46 GMT+1): Currently uploading the video, it takes time to upload videos that is 380MB... Does it not?

EDIT2: Something happened while uploading video so it didn't upload... I will try to fix this later..
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I will be testing a new game tonight!
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