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 Info about 0.56

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Info about 0.56 Empty
PostSubject: Info about 0.56   Info about 0.56 EmptySat May 21, 2011 12:58 am

---/\ - Released on Sunday - /\---

*No codewhipe.
*New Boss Haz the Ogre. (5 man)
*New Boss Petrius. (10 man)
*New Boss Cryptomp. (10 man)
*New Boss Krallk. (5 man)
*Fixed Tifirius. (10 man)
*40 New Items.
*New mount (War Mammoth of Destruction), dropped by Krallk (0.41% dropchanse).
*Bug fixes.
*Warlock spells made more powerfull fun and creactive.
*Tooltip issues such as CD missing fixed.

To come in 0.57:

*New mounting system which will enable players to benefit from 6 items instead of previous 5.
*Blood council opens, Narolak is summoned.
*Additional fixes/updates.

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Info about 0.56
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