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 New Boss for 0.56, Petrius

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New Boss for 0.56, Petrius Empty
PostSubject: New Boss for 0.56, Petrius   New Boss for 0.56, Petrius EmptyThu May 12, 2011 1:32 am

Petrius is a high ranked summoner of the Blood Council.

-Blood Boil shoots out a infected blood projectile to random team member for 50 direct damage and 25 damage per second for 7 seconds. This can be dispelled.

-Summon Ghoul Petrius summons an equal amount of ghouls through his demonic portals. Ghouls will have a disease which spreads to nerby team members. This effect can be dispelled. This unit will take damage from spells with a tooltip such as "deals X damage to summoned units".

-Summon Glutton Petrius summons his ultimate power of destruction, his 2 gluttons. Gluttons deals 500 damage each 0.1 second to whoever is within reach. Gluttons cannot die due to 6000 Healing per second. Gluttons will expload after approximately 15 seconds, dealing 500 damage in a 500 range area. Gluttons will have a disease which spreads to nerby team members, this effect can be dispelled. Since Gluttons are not invo, they can be targeted by spells. The trick here is to have the tank taunting them while running around in the room, having team members to slow the Gluttons down with whatever spell that can.


New Boss for 0.56, Petrius Petrius
New Boss for 0.56, Petrius Petrius2
New Boss for 0.56, Petrius Petrius3
New Boss for 0.56, Petrius Petrius4
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New Boss for 0.56, Petrius
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