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 Player's profile information.

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Player's profile information. Empty
PostSubject: Player's profile information.   Player's profile information. EmptyFri May 13, 2011 9:56 pm

It would be cool if on our "Profile" page we can add our computer gear and computer spec's.

Like there are section's "Registration information" , "Personalized profile" and "Contact field"

The fields that can go in that section could be
Mice: ex. Razer Deathadder
Keyboard:Razer Actrosa
Headset:Steelseries Siberia [Clasic]
Monitor:Philip's 192E
In-game resolution:1366x768 px
Etc. etc. Very Happy
Oh and yes, Aikola if we start using steam can you add a steam profile, on our profile, like there is website and "skype" Very Happy i hope if you understand all of this mumbo jumbo.

P.S. This is not original idea..Even tho there is only several forum/site's with this stuff.
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Player's profile information.
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