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 A "Simple" Druid Guide, Re-upload from the old site

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A "Simple" Druid Guide, Re-upload from the old site Empty
PostSubject: A "Simple" Druid Guide, Re-upload from the old site   A "Simple" Druid Guide, Re-upload from the old site EmptyFri May 06, 2011 7:58 am


Spell list:

A "Simple" Druid Guide, Re-upload from the old site Icons_7977_btn
Forrests call
Causes rains of healing energy to pour down in a large area,
healing friendly allied units for 150 hit points per second. Lasts for 4 seconds.
[Int Bonus: Yes]
Hotkey: Q

A "Simple" Druid Guide, Re-upload from the old site Icons_6616_btn
Healing Touch
A Healing Touch that can heal a friendly unit for 600 damage.
[Int Bonus: Yes]
Hotkey: W

Could not find the original
A "Simple" Druid Guide, Re-upload from the old site Ability_mount_whitedirewolf
Wolf Form
The druid transforms into a Wolf, allowing him to run fast.
[Int Bonus: Nope]
Hotkey: E

A "Simple" Druid Guide, Re-upload from the old site Icons_10338_btn
Forked Lightning
Calls forth a cone of lightning on a target enemy unit, hitting up to 16 enemy units for 345 damage.
[Int Bonus: Yes, but only first target]
Hotkey: R

A "Simple" Druid Guide, Re-upload from the old site Icons_668_btn
Herb Spray
The Druid sprays his team members with a mix of the herbs Terrafolis, Evely and Umberon,
healing them for 115 damage each wave. Eww, whats that smell?
[Int Bonus: No]
Hotkey: D

A "Simple" Druid Guide, Re-upload from the old site Spell_nature_rejuvenation
Heals a target friendly unit for 750 hit points over 12 seconds
[Int Bonus: Yes]
Hotkey: F

A "Simple" Druid Guide, Re-upload from the old site Icons_9899_btn
Whisper of Nature
The Druid sends out the Whisper of Nature, Increasing all nerby team members damage dealt by 50%, armor by 4 and mana regen by 10/sec. Lasts 15 seconds.
[Int Bonus: No]
Hotkey: G

Spell Combinations:
OK, here I'm going to talk alittle about something called Spell Combinations, the druid has alot of spell combinations,
but the ones I recommend are the Q-W Combination, as it is the perfect combination for a starting Druid without Items.

The Q-W Combination is the combination of the spell Forest Cal[Q] and Healing Touch[W],
this means that Q is the AoE healing of this combination and W is the Single Target healing, which you will have to use the most.
When a target is damaged with alot of Health reduced, then you have to hurry with the W on that target, unless it is a witch, as witches have self healing spells.
The Q is basically just in it for the AoE scenes of a fight.

Another Combination is Q-W-F, where you put F on the tank at all times, and then use Q-W on the other people in the group.
This Combination is just like Q-W Except for the fact that you keep Rejuvenation[F] on the Tank at all times.
I recommend this to people with good items, as Rejuvenation is best at that time, because it's not really good in the start of your Druid Career.

It's important to use G when people says: OOM, unless you are OOM, (OOM = Out of Mana), as this will regen their mana faster then it would before.

I know this is alot of text, but I can't really do it any other way, I hate a lot of text myself, but still:)
Feel free to come up with your own spell combinations, I would love to hear them and test them out

Positioning of the Hands

OK, now we've come to the part were I sadly have to tell you how to hold your hands.

Basically you hold your hands on the Spells in your Spell Combination, or spell rotation, if you would like to call it that.

F.Eks. in Q-W you hold your ring finger on Q at all times and your middle finger on W at all times. This makes it easy to do your Combination fast
and good

This is actually all the TIps and Advices I can give you for now... I'll probably update this(?) later...

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A "Simple" Druid Guide, Re-upload from the old site
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