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 Archer Guide

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PostSubject: Archer Guide   Archer Guide EmptyTue May 03, 2011 5:46 am

This is copied from the old clan ravenholdt forums

Archer Guide BTNSpellBreakerArcherArcher Guide BTNSpellBreaker
Archer Guide Models_2100_screenshot_tn

Archer is a DPS non-spell class. Although, alot of his skills makes him look like one. Because there are no mana-giving items for the archer, you will be most effiecent with using your mana for pure-damage spells in the beginning, and as you start gaining more items and more attack, focus on more attack-oriented spells. Archer is indeed the easiest class to play, in my opinion.

Archer Guide Icons_5605_btn[Q]
This spell deals initial damage and burns, dealing damage each second equal to your attack for three seconds. It is cheap and powerful - even without any items.
You can use this spell with or without good items. When you have good items: Use this spell ALOT (Practicly spam it).

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original icon

Archer Guide Icons_3104_btn[W]
Gives the target a negative buff, slowing it's move and attackspeed. This spell provides great support to the entire team, so whenever the buff stops you should instantly cast a new one upon the boss, the buff looks like a red circle.
This spell should always be used, whether you have awsome items or not

Archer Guide Icons_8785_btn[E]
Shoots waves of arrows to deal heavy damage in AoE. Quite useful, but i dont like the fact that you constantly have to save up to 100 mana. You should use this when you have excessive mana to dispose, though.
Use this more when you have no items, and try to avoid it when you have good items. Unless you are facing large groups of enemies, then this is the most useful spell ingame!

Archer Guide Icons_9034_btn[R]
Deals damage in a wave. Although Q deals more damage for its cost, with or without items, It's still just 3 mana difference (according to my calculation). This spell is very useful when facing twintrix's skeletons (Not as much as E though) and super-effiecent when taking down the factories at Henry van boom, that is, if you make sure to take 3 in one hit.
Without items, this is your primary spell, spam it. With good items; Do not use this, use Q.

Unable to find
original icon

Archer Guide Icons_11544_pas[D]
This spell is passive. It basicly gives you a chance to deal 5x damage on attack.

Unable to find
original icon

Archer Guide Icons_12207_btn[F]
Very powerful spell. Costs no mana and increases attackspeed by 500%. Has a long cooldown, though.
Without items, this is not very useable, it can be used though, while saving up mana for a powerful spell like E. With good items: This is the mightiest spell possible, use it as soon as you have the chance, and dont let any spells interrupt your fury of arrows!

Archer Guide Icons_6616_btn[G]
The final spell makes archer into a healer as well. Heals the target at melee range for 750 hp, for barely any cost at all. Use it at anyone in danger or the warrior at any time possible, to save the healers mana.
This should always be used, whenever it's not on cooldown.


Archer Guide Icons_7803_btnHands
This changes depending on if you have good items or not. Remember to keep one finger at G and one at F, since theyre very powerful. W dont need a finger on it since it lasts so long, and wont be needed often. If you have good items, keep one finger at Q. If you don't have any items, keep one at R.

Archer Guide Icons_12354_btnPlay style
Not much to mention. As you now understand, it's two different builds depending on if you have good items or not. You can obtain a great bow from Yohmar at 10-player boss mode. Keep fighting him.

Buying time is just fine, but you do not mind me defeating him, right?
-Archer, Fate/stay night
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PostSubject: Re: Archer Guide   Archer Guide EmptyThu May 05, 2011 6:27 am

Guide Approved

[Reason : Old guide from Clan RavH's forums, was approved there too.]

+50 Points.
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Archer Guide
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