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 damagedealer(Archer) guide

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damagedealer(Archer) guide Empty
PostSubject: damagedealer(Archer) guide   damagedealer(Archer) guide EmptyThu Jun 09, 2011 4:48 am

My description of Heal, Damage and Support spells could be different to Sverkerman's ingame.[Hotkey]
Support spells:Potion of rapid arrow[F]:Increases attack speed by 500% and movement speed by 150% for 15 seconds.(0mana,CD60seconds)
Hunter's mark[W]:Decreases attack speed by 15% and movement speed by 5% of the marked target.(15mana,CD0seconds,1200range)
Herb knowledge[W]:Heals 750 life of the target and removes all negative effects from it.(5mana,CD30seconds,200range)

Damage spells:Perfect aim passive:Has a 5% chance to multiply the damage of all arrows by 5.(0mana,CD0)
Volley of arrows[E]:Deals 200 damage per second in an area for 5 seconds.(100mana,CD0,1450range)
Cleaving arrow[R]:Deals 300 damage in a line.(25mana,CD1,1450range)
Burning arrow[Q]:Deals 550+attack power as instant damage and 45+attack power as damage over time.(65mana,CD12,950range)

Rotations:Boss focus: Hunter's mark->Potion of rapid arrow->Burning arrow->...
Use these three abilities every time they are ready, starting with my order.
Spawn focus: Cleaving arrow->...
Use this ability every time it is ready.
Boss and Spawn focus: First use the Spawnfocus rotation and after the spawns are dead go to boss focus rotation.

Special situations:Herb knowledge: If a character is cursed or the healer need some additional heal, use this ability to support them otherwise dont mind it.
Volley of arrows: Use this ability only when there is a huge amount of enemies in an area or hard spawns which u have to kill fast, otherwise, use cleaving arrow cause it makes more dmg at the end for same amount of mana and you have mana for other abilities.
Comment: At boss focus rotation you have sometimes no spell to cast, then attack normal without spells, this saves your mana and makes much damage, too.
OK This was my guide, hope it will help you a bit. My guide shouldn't be a picture which looks very good. Concentrate on content plz, thx. This guide is for Bosses of Warcraft 0.57c made by Sverkerman!
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damagedealer(Archer) guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: damagedealer(Archer) guide   damagedealer(Archer) guide EmptyThu Jun 09, 2011 5:02 am

Meh, honestly, just got pretty much the same comments here as on your warrior guide, although the grammar is abit better.

Here is my comment:

Also, you got a bunch of spelling and grammar errors :/ (mostly grammar)
avoid leetspeak like "u", for example.

Overall mediokre guide, it does have some really useful advice.
Although the spelling errors and lack of bbcodes makes it really hard to read.
would give it about 5-6/10 for now
You say concentrate on content, but that's only half the value of your guide, It needs to be readable as well. As I said, read-ability is better on this guide. Still wants to see BBcodes.

I do disagree on your playstyle abit though:
Don't forget to mention that your playstile should vary depending on if you have good attack power or not (how much burning/cleaving).

You say that we should spam cleaving arrow if multiple enemies are spawned. Can be true, but only if you got no items or can hit multiple enemies with one shot. Otherwise burning is better. With insane ammounts of enemies volley of arrows can be best (thinking twintrix skeletons). It's situational.

I disagree on the rotation you said we should start with. We should burn all our mana before we use potion, since casting a spell while under the potions effect will cause you to make one or two attacks less (even more if you dont instantly press S afterwards). For maximum mana effiecancy we should burn mana first with burning and one or two cleave and then use potion. We can then burn it off with a cleave and a burning, and then just keep casting burning whenever the cooldown goes off.

Keep on writing though, but fix these first. It's always nice if you post a guide even though it could be better. Doing something so-so is better than doing nothing.
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damagedealer(Archer) guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: damagedealer(Archer) guide   damagedealer(Archer) guide EmptyThu Jun 09, 2011 5:16 am

Liked it and will help me very much thx again!!!!
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damagedealer(Archer) guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: damagedealer(Archer) guide   damagedealer(Archer) guide Empty

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damagedealer(Archer) guide
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